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How can EMAC Ensure On-Time Delivery of Orders?

From the sales side, EMAC will give customers an appropriate delivery period considering possible epidemic and transportation risks in advance.

From the production side, EMAC have a supervising team checks on-site production at business partners factories to make sure that our costumers products meet their requirement and an Inspection are carried on every single product to ensure that it meets technical specifications, quality standard and schedule delivery on time.

product checking

From the transportation side, EMAC has a logistics system that can cover most countries and regions of the world, providing multiple options.
Whether by sea, air, train or express transport, each mode of transport can provide different choice of ships, routes and express delivery, which can provide customers with the fastest, most convenient and most selective services.

During the shipment of the order, we will confirm the information with the customer in advance, prepare all the customs clearance materials, and send them to the customer on time to avoid affecting the customer clearance.

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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Ms. Hailey WhatApp-Icon

Automotive Sales - Mr. Wells Luo WhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Luna Fu WhatApp-Icon

Engine Parts - Ms. Nora Chen WhatApp-Icon

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

Service Team

Customer Service - Mrs. Wendy Fu WhatApp-Icon

Ventas españolas - Victoria WhatApp-Icon

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