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As a modern company, proper management system is like an operation system of computer, without proper management system, none company can have efficient operating efficient, and also impossible to provide good services for customers. Any global buyers or companies should check with supplier if they have any management system or ordering process or not, otherwise can easily bring lot of problems and headaches in future. Take simple examples, does the supplier have testing process before shipping? Do they have check-list before packaging? What’s the packaging standard and processing? Any mistakes among process may bring problems in the cooperation. Those foreigner companies who focusing on products and price only will pay for their suppliers of lacking of management sooner or later.
Here at EMAC, with MBA education management team, we fully understanding how important of management system is, SOP is the instructions of all of our daily works, while BSC is the indicator of everyone in the team. What’s more is, our general manager (as well as sales director) Mr. Jasper Lee developed his own management theories, which have two individual system called PCMT strategy analysis system and BSIE management system. With power of PCMT and BSIE system, EMAC have very clearly developing strategy and clearly company structurer, helping us accumulated our great advantages in products portfolio, efficient processing system, outstanding marketing system, as well as energetic team motivation system. Our unique and efficient management system already become our core competitiveness, which drives EMAC to a century glory enterprise.
With the wishes of growing and developing together, EMAC plan to share our management system to our global partners, help all partners build efficient management and marketing system, which will bring great outcomes for both EMAC and our global partners.

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