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SeaMac Introduction

Committed to providing reliable premium propulsion system and power system for all kinds of ships around the world, SeaMac is a sub-brand of EMAC group that focused on maritime application.
From engine to gearbox, from shaft to propeller, from main generator set to emergency generator set, SeaMac always provides professional and cost effective solutions for all customers.
SeaMacproducts has been used in a variety of vessels, including tugs, barges, fishing boats, cruise ships, ferries and patrol vessels.
Based on dozens of world-class diesel engine manufacturing resources in China, and as official power pack packager of Advance gearbox, SeaMac provides one-stop solutions covers from pre-design to components supply, from installation to commissioning, from pre-sales communication to after-sales service support.

seamac brand products

SEAMAC operating four overseas subsidiaries and owns 10 self-registered trademarks, our products are widely used in which covers energy, maritime, automotive, construction, railways and spare parts.

Marine Engine

DCEC Marine Engine

No matter using as marine main engines, or using as marine auxiliary engines, DCEC marine engines are able provide increased power-to-weight ratios, cleaner starts and less noise. DCEC marine engines provides B, C, L series engine for customers to choose. DCEC marine engines covering displacement from 3.9 to 8.9 liters, with power range from 47kW to 253kW.

CAT Marine Main Engine

Marine Main Engine is the power system for marine commercial propulsion engines. Caterpillar Marine Main Engine has C7.1, C8.7, C9.3, C18, C32, C175, C280, 3512, 3516C (all series names are written here), the engine power range is from 209 kVA to 5650 kVA.

CCEC Marine Engine

CCEC marine engine products can be divided into NT series, K19 series, K38 series, K50 series, QSN series, QSK19 series, QSK38 series, QSK50 series. CCEC marine engines are suitable for main propulsion and power generation applications of various types of ships.

CAT Marine Auxiliary Engine

Caterpillar marine auxiliary engine has C4.4, C7.1, C8.7, C9.3, C18, C32, C280, 3512 and other series for users to choose, the engine power range is from 162 bkW to 5420 bkW.Caterpillar has more than 80 years of experience in marine engine development and manufacturing, providing stable power for various types of ships.

Marine Gearbox

Marine Propeller

Marine Generator Set

Marine Propulsion System

Marine Electric System

Marine Accessories

Electric Propulsion System

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Sales Team

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Automotive Sales - Mr. Wells Luo WhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Kitty Chen WhatApp-Icon

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Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

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