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SeaMac Marine Propeller

The important things for mobile working machines are reliably and economically. DCEC Cummins has been proven in the competitive market and won good reputation by it’s engines perfect performance in fuel-efficient and durable. DCEC industrial engines covering displacement from 3.9 to 13 liters, with power range from 80Hp to 680Hp.
Compares to other brands automotive engine, Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC industrial engines are about 30-50% lighter, brings larger loading capacity of trucks using DCEC automotive engines.
High integration design makes Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC industrial engine has 25% less parts than other similar engines, less fitting and sealing surface, low fault rate greatly reduced the repair frequency, in addition to a number of Dongfeng Cummins unique advanced design to ensure excellent product reliability, improve the strength of key parts, main bearing load bearing area about 30% than other similar engines, to ensure that the high strength work state of life.
No matter what type of equipment, DCEC Cummins supports your business with the reliable and stable power you need.

Advantages of SeaMac Marine Propeller

1.simple structure, fewer parts, small volume: easy to repair, installation.

2.customer selection is rich: to meet different categories of industrial machinery.
Different engine layouts are required

3.Product upgrade with strong versatility: the customer interface is basically unchanged.

4.Good reliability: long-term quality assurance does not decline.

5.Good power performance: widely used.

6.Low emissions: environmental protection.

7.Product chain rich: to meet the requirements of different stages of emissions, a variety of not.

Find Marine Propeller by Series

This is the list of all series of SeaMac Marine Propeller.
Click here to find Marine Propeller by type.

4BT3.9 | 80-130 HP

6BT5.9 | 115-205 HP

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